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DANAKTA-GROUP A/S was established in 1990 in Denmark as a trading company focusing on raw material for food industry and agricultural machinery.


Since 1991, the company has been active in the Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and Austrian markets through its subsidiary DANAKTA spol. s r. o. and deals with the trade and distribution of raw materials for the food industry.


Between 1992 and 2008, the company was also active as a manufacturer of emulsifying and stabilizing blends for the ice cream industry.


In 2014, the parent company DANAKTA Group A / S changed its name to NORDIC FOODIE A / S


In 2012, a subsidiary of Nordic Foodie, the s.r.o. which looks for production and distribution of organic snacks for babies, children and adults. Nordic Foodie combines Scandinavian cleanliness and high quality with the love of tasty, high-quality and healthy delicacies.


Since 2017, in line with current trends in healthy nutrition, Danakta s.r.o. is specializing in the distribution of traditional raw materials that are produced according to the requirements of a sensible diet but also of sustainable development for the protection of natural resources and the environment.


Danakta s.r.o. has established itself as a solid partner and competently trained supplier for food manufacturers.

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Our intention is to help, we understand our work as a mission and service to customers.

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Based on long-time contacts with partners as well as our experiences in a food industry we are able to offer high quality ingredients on reasonable price level.

Our products — selected quality

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Cocoa and cocoa products

Cocoa and cocoa products

• Cocoa powder - natural 10-12%, 20-22% fat

• Cocoa powder alkalized, in many shades

• Cocoa butter - natural, deodorized

• Cocoa mass

• Cocoa fiber enriched cocoa powder

• Chocolate pieces

• Toppings

• Carob

Oils, fats, lecithin

Oils, fats, lecithin

• Rapeseed oil

• Sunflower oil

• Palm oil

• Palmkernel oil

• Liquid fats for bakeries

• Soya lecithin

• Sunflower lecithin

• Margarine

Sugar, sweeteners

Sugar, sweeteners

• Cane sugar

• Fructose, glucose

• Inverted cane sugar (syrup)

• Artificial sweeteners (maltitol, xylitol)

• Cane molasses and syrups

• coconut sugar

• Honey powder

Egg products

Egg products

• Dried egg, whole

• Dried egg yolk

• Dried egg whites

• Egg melange

Milk and cheese powder

Milk and cheese powder

• Cheese powder of varios cheeses

• Cheese powder as taste booster

• Dried milk

• Dried whey

Hydrocolloids, gelatines

Hydrocolloids, gelatine

• Granulated Beef Gelatin

• Granulated Pork Gelatin

• Agar-Agar

Flour and starch

Flour and starch

• Special flours (lupines, bananas, rice, corn ...)

• Starch

Nuts, dried fruits, coffee

Nuts, dried fruits, coffee

• Walnuts (whole, broken and flour)

• Pecans

• Hazelnuts

• Peanuts

• Almonds

• Cashew nuts

• Coconut Milk Powder

• Legumes

• Rice

• Coffee, Greencoffee

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

• Dried fruits and vegetables - in the sun, in the drums

• Frozen fruits

• Freez dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms (pieces, slices, powder) - European and tropical species - including avocados

• Fruit and vegetable puree, pastes, syrups

• Date paste, syrup

• Candy fruits

Other products

Other products

• Insect powder (eggworms, meatworms, grasshoppers, stencils)

• Stevia

• Lecithin

• Emulsifiers - mono- / diglycerides 40%, 60%, 90%

• Emulsifiers - fatty acid esters and their derivatives

• Wheat specialties

• Lyophilized ACAI

• Ginger, ginger syrup

• Coconut milk in powder form

• Date sirup and paste

Most of these ingredients can be delivered in organic (bio) quality.

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